REAL ESTATE LAW:                              

Our firm provides quality service with timely, efficient closings for the following:

1) Residential real estate purchases
2) Residential real estate sales
3) Refinance of residential homes
4) Purchase of condominiums and new homes from builders- interim closings and final closings
5) Purchase of commercial offices
6) Sale of commercial offices

We know that buying a house is more than just buying real estate , it is about buying a home for you and your family!
We, at JC LAW, know the importance of buying a home and the intricacies that go with it…whether the fridge left behind in the kitchen is the one that was actually promised or not ! We take care of all these small matters which are important to you.

We also take care of all the bigger issues that you may not even be aware of, which only lawyers will be aware of. All the legal documentation is handled professionally, accurately and efficiently, so that you can enjoy your home peacefully, without having to worry about any legal issues.
Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or refinancing, we will make your experience a stress-free one!
Please take a moment to read the following reasons for choosing JC Law Professional Corporation for all your real estate needs-

1) Competitive pricing- Our prices for purchase, sale and refinance of used residences are extremely competitive.

2) Our office is conveniently located at Albion and Islington.

3) It is easily accessible by public transit and is in the hub of a busy commercial area.

4) Evening appointments and weekend appointments are available for signing, thereby facilitating clients’ convenience, with no need to take time off from work or losing out on pay.

5) Conveniently located in our office is another incorporated company which provides certified interpreters in over 300 languages. Therefore, language is not any barrier with communicating with us.

6) Our lawyer, Ms.Jyoti Chaudhry, herself speaks five languages.

6) There is no fee charged for preparing a power of attorney, if one is needed to close a real estate deal.

7) Courtesy- We go the extra mile to make our clients comfortable and at ease.

8) All our phone calls are answered personally 7 days a week, without having to press buttons to reach a live operator. Any missed calls are promptly returned.

9) Our office is wheelchair accessible

10) In the event that it is not possible for a client to come to our office for signing documentation, we go to clients’ homes to facilitate signing of documentation.