torn piece of paper with divorce text and paper family figuresThese are changing times, with changing family values! The concepts of marriage and family have undergone tremendous and dynamic changes in the last two decades.

Know your legal rights and live the dream that you always wanted to!

But consider the flip side of the coin – when relationships break down, there is a lot of emotional stress and pain. We try and resolve the problems with compassion and sound legal advice. We try to provide suitable solutions and if that is not possible, we try to make the whole experience as less acrimonious and painless as possible.

Our aim is to protect our client’s inherent interest and stand by her/him, as long as required.

We provide consultation and assistance on the following family matters.

    • Separation agreements.
    • Custody agreements.
    • Co-habitation contracts.
    • Child support.
    • Spousal support.
    • Property issues.
    • Custody & access.
    • Divorce
    • Equalization of family property
    • Net Family Property Statement
    • Motion to change child support
    • Motion for a refraining order to stop suspension of driver’s licence